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    Modern Casual Style

    Perfectly balances contemporary design with classic charm. With its natural-looking wood grain patterns and textures, modern rustic vinyl flooring adds warmth and character to any space, from cozy bedrooms to open-plan living areas.

    Featuring 20 mil Wear Layer with premium EVA pad pre-attached.

    Elongate your room with our 9×60 planks, creating spacious apperance with more possibilities.

    Available in Luxe Series Product shown: Sandstone Oak LUX552004

    Our Mission

    We take pride in being more than just a flooring distributor. Our ultimate goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and delight by consistently offering high-quality products that exceed their expectations.

    30 Years of Style & Expert Service

    we have got your back when your little one is dreaming big

    Product Shown: Ecru Gray LUX552001

    All our series are rated by Floorscore and certified by ISO, SGC, and CE.

    With innovative “Unilin Angle/Angle System”, glue down flooring is now history. We are proud to bring the most kids-friendly, the most cost effective and the easiest installation products to the market.